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Glasses & Sunglasses Guide: For Different Face Shapes

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Sunglasses, as the name suggests, are a special kind of eyeglasses that block out the sun. As a matter of fact, there are some pioneering humans who wear them for clubbing in the middle of the night, so sunglasses have become a fashionable label. Wearing sunglasses is not about covering the sun, but about embracing the sun. On the basis of grasping the direction of fashion, choosing sunglasses that suit your face shape and skin color is the principle that will always remain unchanged. We all know that if you choose the right sunglasses, you will make your face shape more perfect, but if you choose the wrong one that will make things worse, not only no modifying effect, but also more ugly, so how do we choose the right sunglasses for ourselves?


Round Face: Cat's Eye & Butterfly Glasses

cat eye sunglasses

Round or angular sunglasses are not suitable for people with round faces. Therefore, you should choose cat-eye or butterfly shaped frames that are slightly wider than the shape of your face and have upward facing frames to give your face an angular look. Especially avoid round, light or childish frames.

In the choice of color, round face is suitable for frame slightly thicker, lens color cooler, darker glasses, "tighten" the visual effect of the face. Too colorful yellow, red lenses or frame lines of slim and soft sunglasses, will set off the face bigger.

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Heart-shaped Face: Polygonal Frame

octagon glasses

Heart-shaped faces should wear lightweight and polygonal sunglasses, with frame widths that do not exceed the temples, to match the contours of the face. Sunglasses that are too big or too thick will make the facial profile appear wider, while the jawline appears more pointed, so avoid wearing frames that are upwardly curved on both sides as this will emphasize the pointed jawline.

The lenses should be of a lighter color to reduce the weight of the upper part of the face.

Eyewear Recommendation:  Rimless Octagonal Sunglasses


Oval-shaped Face: Big Frame Sunglasses

big frame sunglasses

Oval faces are best suited for sunglasses with big frames to make the face look wide and reduce the length of the face. Thin metal frames or rimless sunglasses are not suitable.

Choose pink or wine-red lenses for color to increase the brightness of your face.

Eyewear Recommendation: Square Large Frame Sunglasses


Square-shaped Face: Round Glasses

 Round Glasses

Square face gives a feeling of hardness, should avoid wearing square sunglasses. Square faces should wear round sunglasses with corners that form a gentle curve, and frame edges that are thick and broad. Sunglasses with narrow edges will look particularly small and disproportionate when paired with a square face.
The color of the lenses is better with steady brown.

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Goblet-shaped Face: Oval Glasses

oval sunglasses

Goblet shaped faces are among the more standard ones that can pick the most popular and trendy styles and will look beautiful in any style. If you want to pick the one that best suits a goose egg shaped face and best emphasizes the advantages of this kind of face, it is the oval shaped frames that will make the oval lines of the goose egg face more prominent.

Eyewear Recommendation: Metal Oval Sunglasses


How to choose the best color for sunglasses?

The vast majority of people, young and old, should not wear blue sunglasses. As we age, there are more and more photosensitizing compounds in some retinal cells, and the wavelengths in the blue portion of the spectrum maximize the activation of these compounds, promoting the release of harmful free radicals that threaten the health of the eyes in the same way that they impair the oxidation process in retinal cells.

sunshade lens
Blue sunglasses can indeed be detrimental to the health of the eyes. This is because, on the one hand, the wavelength of blue light is very short, and the human eye has the smallest field of view in blue light, so it does not see things clearly; on the other hand, blue is the color closest to ultraviolet light, and like ultraviolet light, it is not good for the optic nerve, and it is easy to cause damage to the eyes. Clinically, many optic nerve diseases have been proved to be related to blue light. In addition to blue lens glasses, the current market popular color contact lenses with blue stripes can also be harmful to eye health, you should be careful when choosing.

So, what color sunglasses are safe to buy? Yellow or brown sunglasses are the best. Because yellow light has a medium wavelength, resulting in the human eye's vision cells are most sensitive to yellow, so that the natural world of the scene looks clearer. Moreover, yellow sunglasses can also filter blue light, reducing the amount of blue light entering the eyes, which can effectively protect eye health. In addition to yellow or brown lenses, black lenses are also a good choice, because it can reduce the contact with all colors of light.

Nowadays, the sunglasses market is a mixed bag, and the quality of many glasses is not up to scratch. A good pair of sunglasses should block out UV rays, not mute visible light. So. When choosing sunglasses, one should choose to have the function of UV protection, UV protection index is usually between 96% -98%; two should not choose the color is too dark, the transmittance of this lens will be a serious decline in light, so that the pupil of the human eye in the darkness of the dilated, the same amount of ultraviolet light will instead be a large number of shots, so that the eyes are damaged. Ivision Glasses With very good quality assurance and certificate certification, can effectively defend against ultraviolet rays, now immediately pick a pair of sunglasses for yourself!